# Years of Experiences
# Managed
# technical
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Tejarat Bank

Cheif Executive Office, IT Holding Company, 2017-2018

Member of Board, IT Holding Company, 2018-now

IT Steering Committee Member, 2017-now


Samen Credit Institute

Vice President for Planning and Information Technology, 2016-2017

IT Steering Committee Member


Mellat Bank

IT Audit/GRC/Risk/Compliance/Governance Project Manager, 2013 - 2015
IT Steering Committee member


Virtual Banking Journal
Owner and Editor In Chief of Virtual Banking Journal, 2012 – Present, Virtual Banking Journal
is a professional journal and it is pioneer and the first banking journal in the MENA. ISSN:2322-1003, www.virtualbanking.ir


Modern Banking Journal and IT auditing Journal
Owner and Editor In Chief, 2014– Present, www.mbjournal.org


Data Processing Iran (No. 1 in Iran, (Ex IBM, Establishment 1957)

Director of Planning and Development, Data Processing Iran

Senior Consultant in Enterprise Planning and Software Engineering Projects


Tehran Municipality, Urban Planning and Studies Center

Executive Manager of Performance Based Budgeting Project

Head of Planning and Governance Research Group


Ministry of Agriculture, Planning Research Group

Senior Consultant in Software Quality and E-Services Management


Iran Supreme Council of Information Technology

Professional Consultant in  Project Management for GRP/ERP RFP and E-Services Project


Housing Investment Company [First in Housing Investment Companies (Mass Production) in Iran]

IT manager and head of General Secretary of IT Council


Computer & Mechanized Systems Co. [Member of Top Ten- Software Companies in IRAN] Affiliated to Behshahr Ind. Development

Manager of Software Engineering Department (ERP/BI reseller)


Science and Research Branch, IAU University, Tehran, Iran

Assistant Professor and Faculty Member of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Department  (2003 -2018). Dean of the Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Department (2009-2012)


Institute for Trade Studies and Research (In association to Ministry of Commerce)

ICT Senior Consultant/Strategist

E-Commerce Specialist/Strategist

System Analyst & Data Base Designer


IMPSC (Iran Management & Productivity Study Center)

Team leader in the Large-scale Refah Bank, MIS Project and E-Banking Concepts


ITRC (Iran Telecommunication Research Center)

Billing /Customer Care Requirement Specifier

Billing /Customer Care System Designer-GSM

Software Process Engineer


NCICT (National Center for Information and Communication Technologies), in association of ITRC

E-Commerce Department Manager


PDP Software Factory (PDP as a partner of Micronage in UK)

Consultant Software Process Specialist

UML & RUP Instructor 

Configuration Manager on web/Clear Case

Clear Quest, Designer/Client

Tool Mentor/IBM Rational Software



Tax Collection system, DPI (Ex IBM)

DPI Strategic Consultant & Project Manager


Ministry of Agriculture, Enterprise Architecture, CMSC

Project Manager


Tehran Telecommunication Co. Procurement, Tehran Telecommunication Co. & Kish E-Gov., Kish ICT ltd.

Strategic Consultant & Project Manager


SBC-Savola Scala-ERP Localization, CMSC- SBC and Savola Co.

Head of Software Engineering Department


Mobile Billing & Customer Care Vendor Evaluation, KNT University/ IRAN- Ministry of ICT

Evaluator and Referee for Mobile  Billing and Customer Care Software


ERP Vendor Evaluation, CMSC- Behpakhsh and Savola Co.



Feasibiliy Study in ECommerce Standards & Security, Institute for Trade Studies and Research

ICT/EC Senior Consultant/Strategist


Total Network Solution, Institute for Trade Studies and Research

ICT/EC Senior Consultant/Strategist


eMarketplace Flagship, Institute for Trade Studies and Research

ICT/EC Senior Consultant/Strategist


Iran Trade Point, Institute for Trade Studies and Research, Ministry of Commerce, Deputy of Planning and Economic Studies.  

ICT/EC Senior Consultant/Strategist


Certificated Authority, Institute for Trade Studies and Research

ICT/EC Senior Consultant/Strategist


ICT Master Plan, Institute for Trade Studies and Research

ICT/EC Senior Consultant/Strategist


IT Master Plan, Behpakhsh Co. Biggest Distributor in Iran

Project Manager


Iran Trade Hub/B2CSB, National Center of ICT

Project Manager


Iran Switching Management Network, Iran Telecommunication and Research Center

Billing & CC Analyst and Designer/Software Process Engineer


Management Information System, Iran Bearing Co.

System Analyst and Designer


BPI, Iran Management Productivity and Study Center/ICI

Business Expert


BPR/MIS, Refah Bank

Team Leader


Multility Suite/ Bill Print, Micronage/PDP

R&D in XML technology


iMpact/ Billing & Customer Care, Micronage (U.K.)/PDP

Software Process Analyst

Technical Skills

  • ERP(iScala)/ BI(Applix) Vendor Evaluation , Localization and Development
  • Business Enterprise Architecting, Zachman, FEAF, TEAF, C4ISR and ISRUP
  • UML 2.0 for specification, visualization, construction and modeling
  • X2Y Security and Information Society Security
  • Reverse Engineering in System Modeling, EFQM
  • Software Engineering Management with PRINCE
  • Rational Unified Process; from Objectory to RUP version 7.0
  • E-Commerce Standards; ebXML, UNEDOCS, EDIFACT/CEFACT/EDI
  • Software and System Unifying and Technical Documentation with RUP
  • Traceability and Change Tracking Approach
  • Software Cost Estimation with SMH Approach (Simple Modeling History)
  • Object Oriented Business Modeling, Requirement Driven Approach(RDA)
  • Artifact Driven Planning in RUP Projects
  • (4R1) Software Architecture vs. (4+1) Software Architecture
  • Billing, Tariffs and Charging in the TMN
  • ITU-T Standards for Billing and Customer Care

Specific Projects and Studies

  • Waterfall SDLC Crimsonlogic streamline Object Oriented Programming
  • MR-MDS Development Platform-TMN by Micro Research
  • Telecommunication Management Network experiences by Logica
  • E-Commerce by Mulitmedia Super Corridor
  • E-Commerce by DevoTeam
  • E-Commerce by Seven Seas
  • Financial Consolidation by AS Group/Global
  • SURF,b2bex by Utimaco Software
  • Express methodology by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • BroadVision One-to-One Architecture by BroardVision
  • iScala 2.2 SR2 by Epicor Scala
  • Chestra® methodology by Siemens
  • ComArch Tytan Billing by ComArch
  • Business Performance Management/Holding Consolidation by Applix
  • ISACA COBIT5, CR2 Omni Channel Manager, Mysis Core Banking