Internal IT Auditor, Cybersecurity Manager, IT Governance Director, IT Compliance and IT Risk Optimizer 


At a Glance

I have experienced to bridge the gap between businesses and technologies through enabling strengthens of industrial and academic parties. I was also a decision maker, project manager, and director of many companies and projects to design and implement some ITMPs, EAPs, DCs, ERPs, NOCs, SOCs, and QA Processes, in several financial organizations as well as LOM finalizer of all information security equipment and licenses that would be needed by financial organizations such as banks.

- Director of  2 Implemented ERP projects that they are still alive in manufacturing and distribution segments  

- Certified by ISACA APMG COBIT5, Fortinet, Wallix, CISCO, UF, EPICOR iScala ERP, ISO 20K, ACM, IFIP
- Expert in IT Security, IT Governance, IT Risk, IT Compliance, IT Auditing, and IT Planning
- Expert in Project Management and Software Engineering (IBM Rational Test suite, RUP, SCRUM, Agile, and UML)
- Expert in IBM Unified Change Management; Configuration Management, and Requirement Engineering, Business Process Modeling, Internal Auditing, and Enterprise Architecture
- Strongly focused on IT/Security Governance vs. IT/Security Management in financial organizations                                                 
- Member of Supreme Council of IT in Large Scale Tejarat Bank (2017-2018) and Mellat Bank (2010-2011)
- Project Manager/Contractor of Internal IT Auditing and Governance Project in Mellat Bank 

- Author of Book: "Global Village Services as the Future of Electronic Services", in English 2011
- Many CEO, CTO and VPs experiences for more than 15 years in financial and IT holding Companies in banking
- Founder and Editor in Chief of International Journal of Virtual Banking 2012-2018


International Certifications

1.  ACM Certificate of Achievement in Programming Contest C++, Certification Date 1999, Certification authority ACM, Association for Computing Machinery

2.  APMG ISACA COBIT5, Certification Date 2013 License 02712113-01-LDTA, Certification authority APMG-UK

3.     3. Signature Certified ERP Scala University- EPICOR, Certification Date 2006 License ID 11490, Certification authority Scala Business Solutions, UAE

4.  DDoS Attack Mitigation Appliance by Fortinet, Certification Date 2017 – Present License S8550, Certification authority Fortinet, Global Knowledge, Malaysia

5.  WALLIX ADMINBASTION, WAB Suite, Privileged Access Management (PAM), Certification Date 2016 – Present License 385982, Certification authority WALLIX Group

6. IT Service Management System ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011, Certification Date Aug 2013 – Aug 2016 License 13SQM98P243569, Certification authority EUROCERT INSPECTION SERVICES PVT LTD, England

7.     Securing Email with CISCO Email Security Appliance v2.1 by CISCO, Certification Date 2017 License S8558, Certification authority Cisco Networking Academy, Global Knowledge, Malaysia

8. Cisco ASA NGFW Fundamentals with CISCO FirePower Next-Generation IPS (NGIPS) Services by CISCO, Certification Date 2017 License S8545, Certification authority Cisco Networking Academy, Global Knowledge, Malaysia

9.     Self-Assessment Training workshop based on EFQM Excellent model, Certification Date 2003 License 11036712917, Certification authority EFQM, Germany

10.  Business English, Writing and Reading Certification, Institute for Trade Studies and Research, 2003



Proven Projects in Financial Organizations

Tejarat Bank (Top 10 Public Company, #Employees=20000, #Branches=2101), Jan 2017 – Dec 2018   

Program: IT Monitoring, Governance and Planning

Responsibilities: Project Manager of IT Governance and Planning. CEO in 2017 and member of board of director in 2018 of Tejarat-Bank IT Holding Company, and member of IT steering committee.


Shaparak (Exclusive Payment Regulator and Facilitator!), Jan 2016 – Dec 2016

Program: Payment Compliance Standard Localization

Projects: PCI DSS V3.0 project and VISA Compliance Localization project

Responsibilities: Project Manager/ Contractor


Mellat Bank (1st Public Company, #Employees=23000, #Branches=1600, Jan 2012 – Dec 2015                        

Program: Internal IT Auditing and IT Governance. This Program included 12 following projects


1-Deployment the internal auditing process for the Banking Information Technology,
2-IT Governance and Standards evaluation,

3-Software Security Assurance,

4-Software Quality Assurance,
5-Banking Databases Assurance,

6-Certificate Authority PKI-Enabling Assurance,

7-Infrastructure Security Assurance,
8-Network Architecture Assurance,

9-Payment Switches and Software Assurance,

10-Core Banking Assurance,
11-Internet Banking Assurance, and

12-Payment Methods and Tools Assurance

Responsibilities: Program/Project Manager/ Contractor


DPI Co. (1st IT Company, Public Company, Ex. IBM established. 1957), Jan 2010 – Dec 2011                        

Program: DPI Change Development Plan

Projects: Establishing Planning Department, Strategic Planning based on SBU, Roadmap to jump banking solutions

Responsibilities: Program Manager and I was also Senior Advisor of CEO and Director of Planning and Development in DPI. 


Urban Planning and Studies Center, Jan 2009 – Dec 2009                        

Program: Performance Based Budgeting and Management

Projects: PBB, PBM, Auditing Budgeting Methods, Auditing Planning Methods, IT System Auditing

Responsibilities: Executive Manager/ Contractor, I was also Member of research Council of Development in Urban Planning and Studies Center


Mofid Brokerage Co. (Private Company), Jan 2008 – Dec 2008                        

Program: IT Auditing Project

Projects: Web development application auditing; e-trade, mobile trade, stock exchange web services, mobile development team auditing, and windows development team auditing

Responsibilities: Project Manager/ Contractor, also they proposed me to deputy of CEO to run more effective the project. 


Behshahr Industry Development Holding (Public Company, SavolaBC, Behpakhsh), Jan 2004 – Dec 2007                        

Program: IT Master Planning and ERP Development

Projects: Savola-Behshahr-Behpakhsh as the Biggest Distribution Co. in MENA. This program/project includes the following specific Projects:
1-Holding Financial Statement Consolidation Project for Behshahr Industry Development Holding. Consolidation of 26 companies in financial statements by a French software called Global and Applix as well.
2-IT Master Planning and BPR Project for BID-Behpakhsh (with UML and a method of Oracle)
3-Behpakhsh ERP Vendor Evaluation Project, finally Unity ERP was selected.
4- Savola-Behshahr ERP Epicor iScala Implementation

Responsibilities: Program Manager, I also was responsible for regional sales of iScala ERP.


Institute for Trade Studies and Research, Jan 2003 – Dec 2003                       

Program: E-Commerce Roadmap

Projects and Responsibilities:

  1. Contractor of Feasibility Study in E-Commerce Standards Project
  2. Contractor of Feasibility Study in E-Commerce Security Project
  3. Monitoring on E-Marketplace Flagship Project
  4. Monitoring on Trade Point Project
  5. Monitoring on Certificated Authority Project

Refah Bank (Top 10 Public Company, #Employees=10000, #Branches=1035), Jan 2001 – Dec 2002                        


Business Process Reengineering for 10 Banking Processes


Accounting Process, Office Automation Process, Board of Directors Decision Making Process


Project Manager/Contractor for those 3 processes


PDP Software Factory (Private Company), Jan 2001 – Dec 2001         


iMpact/ Billing & Customer Care


IBM Rational/RUP Consultant and Oracle based Software Tester, Tool Mentor of Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest, and RequisitePro.


Telecommunication and Research Center, Jan 2000 – Dec 2000                        


TMN for Switching Management Network


Software Process Engineer and Billing & CC Analyst, responsible for Software SRS and Vision.